Connecting Canadian TaxiCabs

Just order a cab and a cab will pick you up , wherever you are.

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Connecting Canadian TaxiCabs App:

Instant access to any type of taxi close to you.

GPRS based pickup location.

Metered fares & payment via card or cash.

Immediate booking of selected taxi.

Booking taxis for trips & tours with package prices.

Features like Ride Estimate, Online Tracking and much more...

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Choose to ride now or schedule one for later. Just set your pickup details and tap “Request Ride” to place your order.

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With live arrival updates, you’ll know exactly when to get going. Our experienced drivers will be ready outside.

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Pay with mobile pay one day and cash the next. Choose a payment method before requesting your ride and enjoy the flexibility.

"TaxiCabs app offers the easiest & fastest way to book a ride"

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Our mission is to help Canadian taxi companies and Registered certified taxis drivers to improve PASSENGER services.

About us

TaxiCabs App:
TaxiCabs offers FREE APPs for the Canadian passengers and for the registered taxi drivers.

Division of EasyTest.Me Inc – a Canadian Company

Our mission

TaxiCabs App connects you to a local taxi company anywhere in Canada for free! No hidden fees, surcharges, or costs. You only pay the regular taxi fare (plus tip of course)!