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TaxiCabs Driver App

Reinventing Connection to nearby passengers
Integrated In-App Features

Why Use TaxiCabs Driver App?

Your own ride hailing APP

You can set rate per vehicle for online payment .

Clients Know your status and location anytime.

There is no commissions and hidden fee.

Cash option for the meters.

Track your earnings and invoices online.

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TaxiCabs connects you to a local passengers for free! No hidden fees, surcharges, or costs. There is small registration fees (include printed advertisement materials- business cards and stickers) and online credit card transaction fee and pay pal transaction fee. No commission of cash payments.
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Enter your taxi company  info and we will send you login info. And then download the TaxiCabs driver app to to login and start accepting booking online for free.

Full trip history, clients feedback and tracking your earnings with invoices.
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Only for Canadian registered taxi drivers.
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Partners with local taxi fleets, to connect people to rides with a tap of a button, across Canada.

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About us

TaxiCabs App:
TaxiCabs offers FREE APPs for the Canadian passengers and for the registered taxi drivers.

Division of EasyTest.Me Inc – a Canadian Company

Our mission

TaxiCabs App connects you to a local taxi company anywhere in Canada for free! No hidden fees, surcharges, or costs. You only pay the regular taxi fare (plus tip of course)!