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Connecting Nearby Taxicabs

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Why TaxiCabs App?

Only Licensed Registered Taxi Drivers


Check the rate and Immediate booking of selected taxi.

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Metered fares & payment via card or paypal or cash.

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Rate your driver and provide feedback

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GPRS based pickup location and track your trip.

Taxi details,and track arrival on the map.


Track Your Ride
TaxiCabs App partners with local taxi fleets, to connect people to rides with a tap of a button, across Canada. Download TaxiCabs App and get moving faster.

"Get a ride in minutes Just tap a button and a car will come to pick you up"

Connecting TaxiCabs

About us

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TaxiCabs offers FREE APPs for the Canadian passengers and for the registered taxi drivers.

Division of EasyTest.Me Inc – a Canadian Company

Our mission

TaxiCabs App connects you to a local taxi company anywhere in Canada for free! No hidden fees, surcharges, or costs. You only pay the regular taxi fare (plus tip of course)!